Realtors Testimonials

Excellent Quality Of Service

“My clients were making the biggest purchase of their lifetime and needed to be sure they knew the condition of their new property. Greg performed a very thorough inspection and his report was very detailed and clear. 

I was impressed with their 

excellent quality of service ” 


Galina Hammers, Realtor 

JP&Associates Realtors 

Clear Communication

“Greg paid great attention to details, performed a very thorough inspection and was able to accommodate my clients who only spoke Russian language. It was so critical for them to be clearly communicated, on site, how the house was doing. I will gladly recommend Greg and Ally Team

to other clients.”

Larisa Dostal, Realtor

Dallas Luxury Realty

Professionally Inspected 

“Ally Inspector did work for my clients. The report was clearly presented, included pictures and videos of every problem. The swimming pool was professionally inspected by a third party pool company, same for termites. All reports were neatly presented, I did not have to deal with three different inspectors. Greg took care of every aspect of the inspection for my clients.”

Irina Kremen, Realtor

Colleen Frost Realtors

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