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A very important factor in choosing a home has lately become its energy efficiency. Gas and electricity is not going to get cheaper, it will only increase, thus most homebuyers want to see improvements to their windows, doors and attic insulation. We use infrared cameras during every home inspection so we can see things that no one else can with a naked eye, including deficient and potentially dangerous electrical wiring, missing ceiling and wall insulation, damp carpeting and other moisture problems.

I Walk Upon Most Roofs

A home inspection is a systematic analysis of the house,  its major systems and components. It starts at the roof and we go all the way down to the foundation. When on the roof I think about water: how it moves and how it flows, especially during a rain storm. The exterior of the house has to be water resistant. All roof penetrations must be properly flashed and sealed to prevent a leaking roof. Roof ventilation plays an important role in the longevity of the roof covering materials (usually composition shingles). 

Maintenance Guide 

Now that you’ve bought your home and had your inspection, you may still have some questions about your new house and the items revealed in your report. Home maintenance is a primary responsibility for every homeowner. Don’t let minor maintenance and routine repairs turn into expensive disasters later due to neglect or simply because you weren’t sure what needs to be done and when. 

Peace of Mind For My Client

  • Most people are afraid of making mistakes. They don’t like to take risks, especially with their money. They either pass or procrastinate till it’s too late. 
  • We will eliminate your risk by offering you a complete 200% guarantee
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Online Report 

After the inspection of your home is completed you will receive a written report with information about your property including full color pictures and videos. To view a sample online report click below and fill in your email address. 



Bundle Package Best Value

for under 2600 sq ft home

– Home Inspection according to TREC SOP

– Thermal Imaging included

– Moisture Intrusion Inspection included

– Home Maintenance Book included


Termite and Pest Inspection

– Subterranean termites

– Drywood and formosan termites

– Carpenter ants

– Rodents and other pests



Home Warranty Inspection


Special Offer 


for under 2600 sq ft home

single family

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Please call 972-900-1088 if you need more information or you want to book an appointment over the phone. We are happy to assist and answer any questions you may have concerning home inspections and other ancillary inspection services.

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